5 Reasons You Can’t Keep Your House Clean

I know firsthand about the struggle to keep a house clean. Back in 2018, our home was so messy that I was trying to hide it.

I didn’t want any visitors, including my mother.

I used to think something was wrong with me. After all, I used to be a total neat freak. But after the birth of my fourth child, I lost complete control of my house.

And the reasons why, just may surprise you.

Chances are, if this was true for me, it’ll probably true for you too.

1) Your expectations are too high

Where I went wrong was thinking that all I had to do was spend one day cleaning my entire house and then it would magically stay that way.

Wrong! That’s not realistic AT ALL when you’ve got young kids or a crazy schedule.

Just know that this way of thinking is completely unfair to yourself. Hence, the reason how your house can be spotless after cleaning it all day on Saturday, and then it’s trashed again by Monday.

You can’t forget that REAL people live there. Your family will be making lots of memories AND messes every day.

So stop expecting your house to be spotless. Stop comparing yourself to other moms with spotless living rooms on Instagram.

The truth is, they’re probably trying to hide their mess too.

2) You don’t have tidy rules in place

Think, for a second, about what you’re always picking up.

Is it crumbs on the couch? Toys in the hallway? Or shoes you’re tripping over by the front door?

When you find yourself cleaning up the same messes again and again then you know it’s time to set some new rules in the house.

Some rules I’ve created are:

  1. No food & drinks allowed outside the kitchen.
  2. There’s a designated place for shoes in the entryway—no more lining them up along the wall. I bought a shoe rack to go inside the coat closet and an over-the-door shoe organizer for extra storage.
  3. My kids have to clean up all of their toys every single night before bed. Or they won’t get to play with their tablets the next day.

Now that my kids know these rules exist, it’s been so much easier for me to keep things tidy.

But don’t feel bad if you’ve been letting your kids run all over you and your house. I’m not telling you anything I haven’t lived through and learned myself.

Don’t be afraid to put your foot down, and let your kids know there’s a new sheriff in town.

3) You let the chores pile up

If you’re a procrastinator like me, then this is probably the #1 reason you can’t keep your house clean.

Pile of dirty dishes: Reasons you can't keep your house clean

Especially if you have a tendency to wait until the last minute to get things done trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed. But then you end up getting too far behind on chores—like dishes and laundry—and feel so paralyzed by the mess that you have no idea where to start. (Guilty!)

This happens to me way too often. It’s something I’m constantly working on, but I found my solution in the next tip below.

4) You don’t clean as you go

This is exactly how the chores pile up in the first place. Because when you don’t “feel” like cleaning, you choose not to pick up ANYthing.

Cleaning as you go isn’t as bad as you think it is. It doesn’t require any extra time or effort.

It’s as simple as this: when you see it, clean it.

I keep this is mind when I’m cooking, brushing my teeth, or just watching tv.

Because it takes the stress out of finding time to tidy up an entire room when I can just do a lot of small things in that room fast.

5) You’re not seeking help

Please hear me when I say this: you can’t do ALL the things and keep your house clean by yourself too.

Something has to give.

Whether that means you get comfortable with the idea of delegating age-appropriate chores to your kids or get your husband involved more around the house—only you know what you need.

Because you’re not superhuman. You will get tired and that’s okay!

But you ARE enough for your family. Learn to give yourself more grace and take more breaks.

Here’s a few ways how:

  1. Find a Molly Maid near you to stop by your house and get the mess under control.
  2. Use a laundry concierge service to help you get caught up. They will usually pick up, wash, dry, fold, and drop off your clothes for you and in a timely manner! A simple google search will point you in the right direction.
  3. Eliminate your to-do list. You can free up about 2-4 hours every week when you shop entirely online for groceries and household items at your favorite stores. Simply set up automatic deliveries to your front door, instead of shopping in-person!

See a full list of my favorite cleaning product & services I LOVE or recommend that may save you time & money!

You’re not alone.

Hopefully, you’ll see that from reading this, you’re surely not alone. I know my house has been messy for at least one of these reasons on more than one occasion.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way forever. You can create a home that’s easier to clean…not always clean.

Happy Tidying!

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