My Daily Cleaning Routine That Only Takes Minutes A Day

You probably don’t know this, but doing chores that matter every single day is one of the secrets to keeping a house clean. 

Yes, even if you have young kids. 

Even if you have a crazy, busy schedule. 

Even if no one else is helping you around the house. 

Today, I’m going to share with you my exact daily cleaning routine as a mom of four so you’ll know what chores you should do and the chores you can skip. 

6 Things I Clean Every Day 

1. Wash Dishes

I do not go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Since I am a stay at home mom and cook three meals a day for my family, I’m often cleaning dishes twice a day. 

What most people do is clean one big pile of dirty dishes that’s been sitting there for days.

If you’re at home all day long and accumulate a lot of dishes, try to squeeze in a quick wash in the middle of your day instead. That’ll help you stay on top of it better without getting overwhelmed. 

2. Wipe Down Commonly Used Surfaces

Along with keeping the dirty pile of dishes under control, I try very hard to keep clutter on my kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, and kitchen table under control too. 

In between making meals, reaching in and out the cabinets for snacks, grooming my hair, or applying makeup (and now my kids are virtual learning at the kitchen table too), I’ve made it a habit to quickly put back whatever I take out. 

Then, I give these surfaces a quick wipe as often as needed, but typically I can just wait until the end of the day. 

3. Sweep Floors

Since I have small kids, I HAVE to stay on top of the crumbs they always leave behind. 

My Daily Cleaning Routine -

Otherwise, we’d have ants, roaches, fruit flies, and everything else…and I HATE insects—yuck! 

At first, I was super obsessed about sweeping the floors after each meal (3x’s a day). But now, I sweep the floors when I clean the dishes so I don’t spend ALL of my time cleaning the kitchen.  

4. Wash Clothes

You only need to wash & fold one load of laundry every day. Your laundry schedule can either be themed days or you can just wash a load as needed. 

It helps to know how often you should wash everything—I’ll be covering that topic soon. 

But for now, what you can do is give everyone in your house their own laundry basket. Then, alternate between washing clothes and linen so you don’t burnout.

5. Remove Trash

Tossing trash is easy and something you should start doing more often, if you do nothing else. 

The simplest way to incorporate this naturally into your daily life is to never leave a room empty-handed. 

I swear, I run to the trash can probably 50 times a day. But I’ve also added more trash cans throughout the house to make it easier to dispose of our stuff, and then my husband empties the trash as needed.

6. Remove Clutter

This is the finale thing I do when I’m done cleaning a room. I remove anything that doesn’t belong and put it back in its home. 

For example, when I find toys in the living room I’ll have my kids put them in their toy box. And when I find shoes in the kitchen (which is so annoying), I put them back on the shoe rack. 

If you don’t have a home for everything you own, you won’t be cleaning too much of anything. You’ll just be moving stuff from place to place. 

Putting It All Together (room by room) 

My Daily Cleaning Routine -

Here’s my daily cleaning routine in a nutshell:

  • In the kitchen, I clean the dishes, wipe down countertops, sweep crumbs off the floors, and my husband removes trash. (10 Minutes) I also clear off the kitchen table and wipe it down. (2 Minutes)
  • In the living room I pick up trash and toys from the floor, fluff pillows, fold throw blankets, and remove any item that doesn’t belong. (4 Minutes)
  • In the bathroom I’m just clearing off the vanity; putting away hair & beauty products I’m not using until the next day. Sometimes, I’ll need to wipe down the vanity & toilet with disinfectant wipes too. (1-2 Minutes)
  • If I wash a load of laundry, I set a timer for five minutes to put it away as fast as I can. (5 Minutes)
  • In the entryway I’m always hanging coats & book bags, tidying shoes, and sorting mail & paperwork. (3-5 Minutes)
  • Lastly, in my bedroom, I throw away trash, make my bed, and put dirty laundry in the hamper. (2 minutes)

When I dedicate about 15-30 minutes to speed-cleaning these zones, my house looks and feels cleaner! AND, I’m ready to entertain guests without asking them to “please, excuse the mess.”

But what about dusting, mopping, vacuuming, purging, and scrubbing toilets?

There’s a time and place for all of these chores. Right now, I want you to focus on the chores that matter most.

Besides, there’s no rule to creating a weekly cleaning routine. Heck, even my approach may not work for everyone. So whatever yours look like is totally up to you.

Just keep tweaking your cleaning routine until you figure out what works best for your personality and family life.

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Happy Tidying!

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