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This FREE Grocery Savings App Will Save You More Than Coupons

When I first started trying to reduce our grocery bill, I did what everyone said to do: I started clipping coupons. But then, one of two things would always happen; either I’d forget to bring the coupons to the store with me or I‘d forget I had a coupon in my purse, so by the time I got home and put away all the groceries it was too late.

That. was. frustrating.

So I quit couponing and I found a better way to save money on groceries without them. I found Ibotta!

Ibotta is a FREE rebate app that gives you cash back on groceries AFTER you buy them, which is perfect for me because when I get home all I have to do is send a picture of my receipt.

So there are no coupons to clip or scan at the store. Plus, most of the time, I save a lot more money because I can find multiple offers for name brands AND store brands—eek!

Some of the retailers Ibotta partners with to give you cash back on your in-store purchases include Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Dollar Tree, Aldi, Target, and many more!

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This is how Ibotta rebates work

Step 1: Open the app to find offers
Before you go to the grocery store, as you’re making your shopping list start searching the app for cash back offers.

Earn Free Cash Back on Groceries With Ibotta Rebates

Step 2: Go shopping like you normally would.
Just like you normally would. You can go to your favorite stores and retailers to buy your groceries. And if you have manufacturer coupons, you can still use them!

Step 3: Redeem your cash!
Once you return home, take a picture of your receipt so you can redeem the offers you found in Step 1! Your cash will be deposited into your Ibotta account with 24 hours (or sooner!) and you should get an email alert like this one below.

Earn Free Cash Back on Groceries With Ibotta Rebates

It’s really that simple.

You can sign up now to get free Ibotta rebates so you can start earning cash back on groceries this week!

Truth be told, there are a lot of money-saving apps out there.

But in my opinion, Ibotta is hands-down the grocery rebate app, and here’s why:

  1. You can earn cash back on more things than just groceries. So if you need to buy deodorant, toilet paper, or even diapers there’s a chance you’ll find an offer for that!
  2. The Ibotta app is available on both Android and IOS. It doesn’t matter if you have an Apple or Android smartphone, you can easily find Ibotta in your app store once you have signed up.
  3. You can shop online too! When you download the app, you can search for your favorite retailer – from eBay to Groupon, Amazon, Target, Kohls, TicketMaster, and more – and you’ll be redirected to the store’s website so you can shop through the mobile app and earn cash back at over 500,000 locations!
  4. Once you’ve earned $20 in Cash Back you can send it to your PayPal or get a gift card!
  5. Right now, Ibotta is offering a FREE $10 Welcome Bonus for new members. But you’ll have to sign up for Ibotta rebates to claim your bonus now!

Maximize your Ibotta rebates

While Ibotta has a lot of cash back offers, it’s hard for me to find the brands I often purchase. But that could also be because I primarily do all of my grocery shopping at one store.

I’ve learned that cash back offers can vary from store to store.

For example, if I really want to get, let’s say, $1.00 cash back on Simply Orange Juice, I may have to buy it from Walmart because the cash back offer isn’t available at Kroger — but that’s fine with me!

However, there’s been many times I’d see $0.75 Any Brand offer for orange juice and other items—one of the things I LOVE about Ibotta!

Because if you can’t find a specific branded-offer, you may find an Any Brand, Any Item, or Any Receipt offer to redeem, which is still great!

Earn Free Cash Back on Groceries With Ibotta Rebates

Start earning Ibotta rebates now!

You’d be crazy not to sign up and earn FREE money with Ibotta on things you’re already buying!

Plus, if you stack manufacturer coupons with the Ibotta App, you’ll save even more!

Just use those coupons at checkout (like how you normally would), then when you upload your receipt into the Ibotta app, you’ll get the full cash back value—even if it’s greater than the amount you actually paid for!

So are you ready to get started? It’s free to sign up and try Ibotta and you’ll get a $10 Bonus too! Click here to create your account.

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