How to Get Organized for Back To School In 2021

This upcoming school year I’ll have three kiddos going back into the classroom. Honestly, though? I don’t know how to feel about that. 

On one hand, I am excited that things are getting back to normal in the world, but on the other hand, I am terrified about how I’ll find a new routine. 

Because being a stay-at-home mom, we adjusted really well to last year’s pandemic. I only had two kids to worry about then. 

But this? Sending three kids to school physically will be completely new to me. 

That’s why today I’m talking about how to get organized NOW for back to school. Here are five things I’m doing to make our transition as smooth as possible. 

Declutter My Kids’ Clothes 

Like the rest of the world, last year I stopped buying new clothes and now my kids have outgrown everything

I’ve already started the process of going through their drawers and closets to see what I can give away and put away. Next, I will make a list of what each child needs. 

Taking inventory of what my kids have and making notes of what new clothing they need before I go shopping almost always saves us more money. 

Clean & Organize My Fridge

It never fails; when school is back in session, getting weeknight meals on the table is stressful. I am already thinking ahead about the dinners I have to make and the school lunches I’ll need to pack the night before. 

The one thing that’s going to make my life easier is to clean and organize the fridge now! 

After I clean it out, I plan to organize our fridge by creating little departments for all the things we store — like produce, beverages, leftovers, condiments, etc. so I’ll know where everything is and is supposed to go. 

Plus, I’ll save a TON of time at the grocery store. No more guessing how much jelly I think we have because it’s hiding behind the ranch dressing!

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Gather Home Supplies

Turns out, I still have a lot of school supplies lying around the house from all that virtual learning my kids did last year. That means I probably have many supplies my kids need for back to school already! 

If your kids were learning from home last year as well, here’s your reminder to shop your home for school supplies before you spend a dime anywhere else. 

Book Appointments 

Back to school is also a busy time for doctor and dental visits. Unfortunately, the 2020 pandemic caused a lot of parents to get behind on these important checkups — myself included.  

Plus, many families are still traveling right now and don’t even think about this until the last minute. But you can stay ahead of the back-to-school rush and make sure your kids can get seen. 

If you don’t do anything else after reading this post, hop on the phone with your child’s doctors and book those appointments now! 

Start Shopping Ahead

Just going to be real here: I’m kind of a last-minute shopper.

I have a tendency to put things off for as long as I can because I feel so overwhelmed by my shopping list. It doesn’t matter if I’m grabbing groceries, gifts, or school supplies. 

So this school year I’m going to try really hard to shop ahead. Truthfully, I can’t afford to shop last-minute for three kids — and I don’t mean financially, I mean mentally. 

Another good reason to avoid shopping at the last minute is the ability to shop around and compare prices! Because as much as I love Dollar Tree and the fact that everything really is $1, I will save more money shopping at Walmart for most of their school supplies because prices begin at $0.25. 

My ultimate goal for back to school this year is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Not avoid getting stuff done. And the only way I know I can do this is by focusing on shopping for one child at a time. 

All three need new clothes and have three separate school lists. That’s enough to stress any mother out!

So I plan to buy new clothing first, then shop my home for school supplies I may already have, and finally, buy all the extra stuff they need in-store (wish me luck!). 

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