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How To Organize A Messy Bedroom Closet Step-by-Step: Our Closet Reveal!

Today, I’m going to walk you through how I organized our extremely messy closet step by step. Our bedroom closet has been a pain in the butt for me for a while now.  

The space is kind of awkward. We have a traditional reach-in closet, so figuring out the best way to store and sort our wardrobe has been my biggest headache. 

And to make matters worse, it sits above our staircase so we have an annoying stoop that did nothing but catches all the clutter.

How To Organize A Messy Closet

We had miss-matched plastic hangers, jeans piled up to the ceiling on the shelf, and absolutely NOwhere to store my shoes. 

How To Organize A Messy Closet

And because that was my biggest problem, I knew I HAD to find solutions for them.  

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If you’re dealing with a messy closet like I was, this post is for you. And you don’t need a luxury wardrobe to make your closet feel luxurious!

All I did was purchase new velvet hangers, some shelf dividers, and a shoe rack. These simple closet upgrades made a HUGE difference in the way our closet functions and feel! 

You can watch the entire transformation below on my YouTube: 

Let’s start organizing!

Step 1: Clear It Out 

I started by removing all of our clothes from the rod and onto my bed. This was so that I could easily change out the hangers. 

How To Organize A Messy Closet

I couldn’t wait to throw all those ugly plastic hangers away and replace them with these beautiful non-slip velvet ones!

Then, I worked to empty the rest of the closet from the top shelf to the bottom floor. 

Step 2: Clean It Out 

After everything is removed, you’ll want to dust what’s inside and vacuum it out. I used my Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner, a microfiber cloth, and my cordless stick vacuum. 

The cordless vacuum I have really came in handy for hand-vacuuming that stoop! It was the first time I’ve ever cleaned it like that. 

Step 3: Zone It Out 

This is the fun part! It’s where the organizing magic really happens. 

So what does it mean to create zones? 

Essentially, you’re going to categorize what you own and then assign your like-items into sections — it’s the same method department stores use to organize their inventory! 

For example, I used my acrylic shelf dividers to create mini-zones for my jeans & purses on the top shelf. The shoe rack I ordered created a zone in and of itself since that’s my only option for shoe storage. 

How To Organize A Messy Closet

The last big “zone” change I made in our closet was switching sides with my husband. Previously, I shared the side with the stoop which made no sense because I have the long dresses and cardigans, he doesn’t. 

Now that we’ve switched, the stoop side of our closet isn’t wasted space anymore! 

How To Organize A Messy Closet

If I can do it, you can too. 

Listen, there’s nothing worse than trying to find something to wear in a messy closet.

This is gonna sound cliche, but I swear it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 🤣

How To Organize A Messy Closet: Before & After

Follow these steps and I promise you will love your closet again — no matter what size closet you’re working with!

Spend a weekend day to get it done and tag me in your before and after photos on Instagram @tidyupwithdani! I’ll feature my favorite closet makeovers.

Happy Tidying!


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