Here Is Everything You Should Deep Clean This Spring

It’s almost time to do some spring cleaning. But let’s be real here: do you know what to clean?

Spring cleaning is so important because it’s the only time we get to really focus on the tasks that get left out of our daily cleaning routines, and collected dust all winter long. 

Because, honestly, they don’t need to be attended to as often. 

So bookmark this page or pin for later because I’m about to give you a list of all the things you need to deep clean with Spring. 

The list below includes some of the dirtiest places you’ll probably forget to clean. 

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Inside the Window Seals

Not only should you clean fingerprints and smudges on the outside of your window, but you should clean inside the window seal too.

Most windows these days, you can pull up and out to clean the glass that’s behind the screen. And while you’re in there, grab an old toothbrush and get these cracks and crevices. 

Behind the Stove

There are probably all kinds of crumbs and spider webs hidden back there. Once you’ve got your stove safely pulled out, unplug it so you can get a nice sweep back there.

This is also a good time to wipe down the back of your stove in case there’s grease and grime on it. And if you have a Swiffer WetJet, give the floor under your stove a quick mop. 

Inside the Fridge

You want to pull everything out, and I mean EVERYTHING.

Toss old food and soak shelves in soapy water. Wipe everything down and then put items back inside.

You should cleaning inside your fridge a habit at least every three months.

Inside the Oven

Your oven is another place that gets yucky from burnt foods. You can find some oven cleaner from any store these days, just make you read the instructions for how to use it properly for best results.

If your oven has a self-clean option, try that too! And to make cleaning up a breeze, invest in an oven liner.

I found mine at Target for $10 here.

Freshen the Garbage Disposal

Yes, your garbage disposal needs love too! Thankfully, this deep clean is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Pour one part baking soda and vinegar down your disposal. It’s going to fizzle and that’s perfectly normal. Rinse it all down with boiling hot water and you’ll have a clean and deodorized garbage disposal. 

Vacuum Under and Behind Furniture

This is probably my favorite spring cleaning chore. You won’t believe the crap I’ve found under my couch and sofa cushions. It’s disgusting but equally satisfying to clean it up.

I never do this chore myself though, it’s a family affair! And if you plan accordingly, since you’ll be moving furniture around, shampoo your carpet too! You might as well.

Dust Air Vents, Light Fixtures, Door Frames, and Baseboards

It’s a dirty job that nobody likes to do. Especially me. I hate dusting so much that I used to avoid it and that’s not a good habit to have.

Dust is made up of tiny particles of debris and dead skin — gross!!!

Letting it build up in your home when inhaled can lead to allergic reactions or potentially evoke an immune reaction. Not to mention, dust can carry viruses too.

So don’t put this chore off this spring!

In fact, I always clean from top to bottom anyways, so dust first, and then tackle the rest. 

Clean Kids’ Mattresses

I don’t know about you, but my kids are still at the age where they’re having accidents. So I’m constantly washing their sheets but it’s not that often I deep clean their entire mattress.

You can do this two ways: 1) using a portable carpet cleaner with a handheld attachment, or 2) using baking soda.

The second method is the simplest: you just sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress.

Let it sit for several hours so it can eliminate odors and soak up any moisture. Then, use a vacuum to sweep it up! 

Now that you know what to clean, do you know what cleaning products you should be using? Read this next!

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