10 Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces (from Walmart!)

My boys share a tiny bedroom where they sleep AND play with their toys. But the toys were getting out of control and I knew I needed to do something about it. 

First, I had to downsize their number of toys. Since I pretty much know which toys they play with often, decluttering wasn’t hard. 

The only hard part is doing it without them noticing.

Second, I knew I needed to find some storage solutions to maximize our small space. 

Before, they were just dumping everything in one toy bin and then, dumping the entire bin out to play with all of their toys. 

So it always left one big mess to clean up. 

And every time I heard them dump their toys, I’d cringe inside. 😩

Getting organized now makes cleaning up a breeze — for them and for me!

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

I decided to put together this post to share with you my favorite Walmart toy storage finds. Because if your kids have a small play area like mine, these solutions will surely help!

Note: for your convenience, this post contains affiliate links which means I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

1. Easy-to-see, easy-to-access storage bin organizer. My kids LOVE this toy organizer because they can easily take out their cars, action figures, and legos. I also like it because when we clean up together, I am teaching them to organize like-items!

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “I really love this organizer. It’s a great size, for a good price. It was pretty simple to put together, and it’s quite sturdy. My daughter has had fun organizing her toys in the different bins. I think it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made this year. So happy with it.” — Mellisa

Get it now from Walmart for $59.99.

2. A corner storage hammock offers a tidy and convenient spot to keep toys off the floors. And it’ll hold up to 30 lbs of teddy bears — how cute?!

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “Installation was clear and easy, and it looks so good with all the soft toys of my lo. Really liked it” — Snowy

Get it now from Walmart for $11.50.

3. I currently use a round storage basket in my boys’ bedroom right next to their bookcase to store toys that won’t fit inside the toy bin organizer. Storage baskets like these are great because they can also be used as a decorative accent.

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “Great bin for my daughters dress up clothes. Great fit for closet too” — Newmomwhit

Get it now from Walmart for $19.53.

4. You can create extra storage with a bookcase. This is the exact one we have in our boys’ room and their 32-inch tv sits right on top of it too! It’s sturdy and comes in many different finishes.

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “For $30, this is a good bookshelf. I bought a different one at another store (Swedish) and they delivered it severely damaged. This was delivered in perfect condition. It took me maybe 20 minutes to assemble by myself. That’s saying something because I have severe pain in hands and arms and could still do it myself. It fits most of my daughter’s books, though the shelves are not as deep as I would like. Her larger books hang off the shelves by a few inches.” — Am22

Get it now from Walmart for $30.75.

5. If your kids have a ton of toys, you can eliminate the look of clutter with a cube storage organizer! The best thing about these organizers is their flexibility. Use open shelving, add collapsable fabric containers or storage baskets. It can also stand vertically or horizontally so you can save even more space.

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “Perfect size And perfect for my 6 year old. Easy to assemble, it took about 30 minutes. If I had a power tool, I could’ve put this thing together within 15 minutes.” — Sheena

Get it now from Walmart for $29.24.

6. You can never go wrong with a storage toy chest. This one locks into place so when playtime is over, you won’t have to worry about your kids making the room messy again.

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “I simply love this toy chest! It has exceeded my expectations. Usually when purchasing something online it’s a hit or miss with color, size, etc, but this was described exactly and I got what I expected. It was easy to assemble and it arrived sooner than expected. My grandchild loves it and has yet to pinch her fingers because the lid just doesn’t slam down but closes slow and soft.” — Cinthya

Get it now from Walmart for $85.52.

7. If you’re looking for a toy chest that’s a little more decorative for when you need to store toys outside the playroom, this is the one. It’s made out of fabric, it’s collapsable, and easy to pick up to transfer from room-to-room!

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “This foldaway toy storage trunk works perfect for the storage of my 6 year old daughter’s toys. The pink rainbow pattern is adorable. This toy bin is larger than I expected and holds a lot of toys. It is made out of fabric and cardboard but it is pretty sturdy. It has handles on the sides which makes it easy to carry and the lid stays close with velcro. It is made just like one of those smaller square cubicle bins so I wouldn’t put any heavy duty toys in it while moving it. My daughter loves her new toy bin!” — Moni513

Get it now from Walmart for $33.26.

8. For smaller toys, these fabric bins with lids are perfect! I know I need to purchase one just for my boys’ legos alone.

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “Was surprised at how sturdy these boxes are! Lots of room and looks great in childrens play area.” — Sandra

Get a 2 pack set from Walmart for $14.99.

9. Space-saving interlocking cubes are much more flexible than cube storage organizers. These give you multiple stacking options so you can store kids toys in an organized way.

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “I got what I expected. the unit serves its purpose in my daughters room as book and toy storage. I did have a bit of trouble connecting the corner pieces to the wire racks…eh probably user error! I do like that you can arrange the cubes in the formation of your choosing.” — SeaGirl425

Get a set of 4 from Walmart for $34.99.

10. Another stackable solution is these three-bin storage cubbies. They’re available in multiple colors helping you keep all sorts of toys tidy and save space doing it!

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

Promising review: “I bought this with the idea to store my son’s toys. The assembly was fast. So happy that the cubbies are a good size for toys of all size. It is a nice style. I’m happy with it and the price I paid for it.” — Beatrice

Get it now from Walmart for $72.00.

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